Monday, February 23, 2009

Fibonacci Trading: Charting Techniques, Strategies & Simple Applications

Traders caught at the crossroads of traditional, proven, trading techniques - and new online tools and methods - have struggled to find a way of blending the two together into a unified trading system. Now, the marriage of the methods is complete, and brought into sharp focus in New Frontiers in Fibonacci Trading. This groundbreaking new work combines the foundations of Fibonacci trading with classic charting techniques, modern applications, and cutting edge online analysis tools.
Author Michael Jardine is a dedicate student of the markets, and active trader and founder of - a free web site offering an open exchange of trading ideas and a wealth of technical trading tools which he's made accessible to all investors. His years in the trading trenches - and the feedback he gets regularly from his trading community - has taught him the most practical ways to apply time-tested methods to an ever-changing market.
Michael has gone beyond his role as "student" of the markets - becoming a gifted teacher in the process. He has not only mastered traditional charting and timing techniques - he's developed new methods of his own by adopting Fibonacci fundamentals to the online trading arena in which today's trader must operate for maximum advantage. He's broken down his process into an understandable 5-part "system" which encompasses…
- The Building Blocks of Price Action - market structures, retracement patterns and Fibonacci basics
- Practical Fibonacci Applications - featuring original new applications explained in simple terms
- "ChartWorks" - a comprehensive charting section featuring indicators, case-study trades, chart-reading tips - and more
- Building Good Trading Habits - 3 key steps for making rational, unemotional decisions and maintaining a steady, clear-headed focus throughout the trading day - even when the market is giving off mixed messages
- Enthios RealTime - Puts all the pieces together, and introduces new methods that form the core of his own propriety "Objective Method Trading System"

In layman's terms, providing the guidance of a thoughtful, patient teacher, Michael presents concepts you can easily implement. Including:
- How to enter and exit a trade with limited risk
- New and original Fibonacci methods that have evolved with the advent of online, real-time trading
- Jardine's 3 Laws of Successful Trading
- How to execute a trade when the signals are mixed or conflicting - rather than under "model" conditions
- Developing a system that does not require you to predict how the market will perform - or worry about when the breakout will occur.

With detailed charts and graphics throughout, each chapter illustrates real trading situations, setups, and solutions. Michael has fused cherished trading concepts and Fibonacci basics with his own experiences in online, real-time trading. The result is a thorough new primer that shows you how to trade with greater success - on a consistent basis.

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