Saturday, December 13, 2008


I have been trying out Google's Chrome web browser, and I am so far really impressed.

The Google design team's influence can be seen in the browser's simple, efficient and super-fast features.

Plus it has some nice little features to save you from clicking your mouse too often.

Downloading and installing is fast, as the software recognises which browser you use and does the importing of bookmarks and settings for you.

The browser window itself is crisp and clear. Check out the getting started page for a full run down of the features.

Searching has been highly streamlined and typing anything in the address bar offers up webpages and search terms to apply to your default browser.

It even highlights pages you have visited previously that contain those words.

Something else I like is the frequently visited pages feature, which appears whenever you open a new tab.

It shows all the pages you visit a lot laid out in thumbnail format so it is super easy to find your way to your favourites.

Download link


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